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The Chinese Students & Scholars Association in Queen's University


Title of Society

Chinese Student and Scholar Association at the Queen's University of Belfast (CSSA-QUB)



Aims and Objectives

CSSA-QUB aims to promote the colourful life of all Chinese students and scholars at QUB and enhance the exchanges of Chinese culture and cultures for other nationalities living in Northern Ireland


Any Chinese student at QUB and Chinese member of University staff, who agrees with the constitution and is willing to pay for the member fees, is legitimate to be the member of the society

The spouse and children of the member in above article, and alumni of the university with Chinese origin can be the associate member of the society

Any other person, who agrees with the constitution and is willing to join the society, should have recommendations of at least two of the members and be ratified by the Board of the executives

Board of Executives

Board of Executives is the main body to administrate the organisation

Board of Executives consists of five members: Chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, Chief secretary and non-portfolio administration

An annual member meeting is organised to elect the members of Board of Executives


The society is a non-profitable organisation. Its income is mainly from member fees and university sponsors(under preparation)


The society organises two types of activities: (1) Chinese culture shows and (2) internal entertainment of society. The Chinese cultural shows will be held in the main Chinese festivals, and internal entertainment will be organised for groups with special interests


The constitution can be amended and revised in the annual member meeting, if over two third of members regard it as necessary

(This constitution was drafted by Zi ping-Wu)


Chinese Students & Scholars Association, Queen's University Belfast 2002